The Sims 5 facial recognition: import yourself into Create a Sim 🤯

Source: Domain Engineering for Applied Monocular Reconstruction of Parametric Faces, SIPIJ, Vol 13 (2022)

Keen observers tracking EA’s development of face-scanning tech have uncovered fresh updates on the future of creating Sims.

As it stands, AI scientists at EA have been busy building and developing a prototype of tech that will allow Simmers to create Sims from a single image.

There’s a lot of detail in the article, which explains how the team has been using machine learning to import real faces into the Simverse, as well as discussing some of the challenges it will have to overcome.

This certainly is an exciting glimpse at the future of creating Sims within The Sims 5. However, it wouldn’t the first to use machine learning in this way.

The most notable example, DALL·E, creates images from a text prompt and has proven to be somewhat controversial.

Perhaps we can expect to find out more at the upcoming Sims Summit